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Week 33 is coming to a close, but don’t be sad! It’s a theme week and we are sharing the lingerie that makes us HAPPY!

Our Weekly Round Up highlight reel comes to us from Edward Cantor, a fellow erotica blogger and lingerie aficionado. Here is a bit about Edward and his picks for the week!

Edward Cantor is primarily a fellow who happens to be submissive, kinky, and who enjoys writing fetish erotica and the occasional non-fiction journal entry documenting some part of his journey in the Ds/BDSM community. His writing, primarily femdom themes, has been found all around online, since he long ago acquiesced to the reality that dirty stories were not going to make him a 
thousandaire. Interests/kinks include bondage/restraint, sensual play, chastity/orgasm control, the use of varied other adult toys, occasional sissification, and generally trying be of service or amusement. Most often he lurks on twitter, posting thoughts on the expressions of submission, fetish, various kinks, and trying to be generally positive.


Let’s Get Physical – My Controlled Ascent

Okay, this image gets me on a number of levels, the first of which is how inspiring it is to read about the striving for health and body positivity wrapped  together. It is something that resonates with me personally, as I know how it is to have how one feels physically hold such sway over emotional well-being. It makes me happy to read this post about taking charge after adversity. Also, let’s face it, I absolutely love zippers in any kind of relation to cleavage, and the photo speaks for itself when it comes to the eye-grabbing aspect of such wonderful cleavage.





Happy in the Outdoors- littlegem on all fours wearing zip lingerie

Happy In The Outdoors – Purple’s Gem

As soon as I saw this image, I was imagining the smell of fresh grass and of how good it can feel to have direct contact between a lush lawn and bare flesh. I love the little flowers, I love the stone wall, and I love the giddy playfulness of being out of doors in the sunshine in just your lovely lingerie! Then to read more and discover the combination here of beauty, playfulness and family just made me smile wider.


Author Lascivious Lucy in pearls and a white corset

My Cups Runneth Over – Lascivious Lucy

Yes, I love corsets, but even more than that, I love the realness of the corset and the body it hugs in this photo. Porcelain, glowing flesh, a beautiful bow, and the sense of balance and precarious containment. If this is a naughty bride, I so want to be invited to the wedding celebration.  I’m not sure if it is proper to be rooting for the corset’s failure to contain this bride, but here I am waving my banner nonetheless.



Squeeze Me Tight All Night – Posy Churchgate

Some indescribable quality in the pose and posture drew me in here, only to be pulled even deeper with the story-like aspect of the description of a woman dressing not just for her lover’s eyes but also for her own. It demonstrates in real and small details how, for anyone, lingerie can help frame and mold our favourite parts of ourselves and help us love ourselves just that little bit more.


Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in this!

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