This week is a theme week for those of you following along with Lingerie Is For Everyone  and that theme is “happy”.

When it comes to barely-there underwear I like the impractical stuff; the gauze and lace and boning, the stuff made to look good that doesn’t need to be comfy because you’ll probably be tossing it aside in lieu of nakedness soon enough. But I also love sturdy understated pieces like this new front-closure bra. No underwire, all cotton, with an army of tiny hooks doing their best Hoover Dam impression keeping my H-cups in check. Happiness is a comfortable bra, folks.

I’m also happy with the changes to my body recently and the attitude I’m developing towards it. I’m trying really hard to remember that bodies are meant to change and when they do it doesn’t discount who we are and it’s not something to judge ourselves for. I like this picture. It’s calm and confident,  not overtly sexy, but I’m genuinely happy that I took one picture, barely edited it and I’m still happy to post it. That’s progress and progress makes me happy.

6 thoughts on “Happiness is a comfortable bra”

  1. Comfy bras are truly wonderful things as is being happy with your body. I know I don’t join in all the time with this meme but I really do love it


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