Lingerie Is For Everyone is an inclusive, supportive and body positive weekly link-up where you can share your love of lingerie through words and/or photos with other lingerie enthusiasts.

Welcome to Week 33!

I’m super stoked that we are in our thirty third week of celebrating and uplifting bodies in lingerie and feeling courageous, sexy and HAPPY with what we share. That brings us to this week’s theme – which is completely optional if you participate – our theme this week, by Twitter poll results: HAPPY!

Does lingerie make you happy? Does it make your partner(s) happy when you wear it? Maybe you’re happy with how something fits, or just happy with your body and the lingerie is almost incidental? Share your lingerie shots this week and tell us why HAPPY applies!

Our weekly Round Up/Highlight Reel will be done by Edward Cantor, a new Twitter friend and blogger who is a very gentle and respectful kink connoisseur with an appreciation for the human form and the delicate articles we decorate ourselves with. Yes, we are in good hands this week! I’m so looking forward to seeing what everyone shares this week and what Edward has to say about it! Check out Edward’s blog here!

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