Here’s what Jaffa had to say about this week’s contributions!


It has been a pleasure looking at the fabulous submissions this evening.  Took me a while to pick some favourites, but here we go. Why me?  I freely admit that I came to twitter for the naked ladies, but it has been the brains and the creativity that has kept me enthralled and I feel very fortunate to curate week 32 of #LingerieIsForEveryone.

The image that first caught my eye is “Décolletage” by @kisungura.
The stark contrast between the rich, luxuriant nails and corset and her pale flesh left me breathless.
For me, when you enter the room, you want to make your partners eyes dilate
so they can drink more of you in. I’m still slaking my thirst days later with this.
Secondly, the wonderful “Ta-dah” from @posychurchgate
Lingerie is about making you feel fantastic,
whether for the wearer or a lover,
that “Ta-dah” moment should stop the show.
This image does!
Returning to the contrast between lingerie and the wearer beneath:
I’m fascinated by the straight, dark lines worn by Nikki in “Luscious” @loveisafetish
… and how they contrast with her curves!
Full frontal image of me wearing knickers, but with labia showing on the sides.
that moment when you step into the light
and realise that you are beautiful,
and that you are ready to fly
Butterfly” by Marie @rebelsnotes.
I love this.
Thank you Violet for granting me the opportunity to look after #LingerieIsForEveryone this week.
It was an honour and a pleasure.

Links for Week 33 open on Tuesday and the (optional) theme for next week, by Twitter poll, is “HAPPY”! 

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