I must be a sucker for punishment, because hot on the heels of The Blog Days of Summer I am launching into a new “everyday for a month” challenge: #sextember2019.

You may be familiar with #InkTober – a drawing meme for artists on instagram to share one drawing a day for the month of October so I decided to try my hand at an NSFW illustration prompt for September. The discipline of art has always been a challenge for me, I tend to create on whims and as the mood strikes, but that is not a sustainable and scale-able way to approach my practice.

So! I will be drawing and posting am NSFW image each day in September. I’ll post them here, Instagram and Twitter. If you’re an artist and want to join in, feel free. There’s no link-up, just community and sharing each other’s posts. I took the liberty of making myself a list of daily prompts so you can follow along. If you have ideas or inspirations for the prompts, let me know!

I’m looking forward to 30 NSFW drawings in 30 days and I hope you enjoy them! I will still be open for commissions for blog banners, portraits, blog illustrations, and other image work, should you need anything just message me and we can collaborate.

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  • Get 10% discount on all items in my ever growing digital art catalog of NSFW illustrations and art
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I'd love to hear your thoughts ...