Happy BoobDay, everyone!

If you follow me on Twitter (which you absolutely should) you may have seen me mention that Patreon has decreed a bunch of my content there – basically all my images – too pornographic, despite them having an 18+ Mature Content designation. Fucking censorship. Ridiculous. It was mostly illustrations too, not even photos, that they complained about. I’m now looking into OnlyFans.com for all the “porn” I share.  <insert massive eyeroll here>

I’ll keep you abreast (ha!) of any changes, and if you like my writing and images I produce (without “genital spreading” – that was Patreon’s limit!) you can still help me keep the lights on by supporting me on Patreon. I’m also working on an essay about art vs porn, on which I have a lot of opinions, so stay tuned for that, coming soon!

In the meantime … here’s more boob “porn”. It’s BoobDay, afterall!


black and white image of a woman holding her naked breast


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logo for The Blog Days of Summer, and erotic writing prompt for August

I love a “write every day” prompt, so I am pushing myself again to get better at the discipline of writing or sharing content every day. You’re welcome to join in and link up your work here whether or not you post daily. It’s my personal challenge to post more and I’ll be sharing the work of those who join me on the regular. There is no specific prompt, but the hotter and more sultry the writing or pics, the better!

2 thoughts on “Censorship: Don’t Yuck My Yum”

  1. Sorry to hear of your trouble with Patreon … makes no sense to me. Isn’t that what lots of people are using the site for? Anyway …. lovely photo this week, there’s a confidence to it I appreciate. Good luck figuring next steps.

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