In honour of the inspirational photo by @19syllables for this week’s Friday Flash I have taken a stab at writing some haiku, one for each image. Haiku is not a form I use very often, but I have always enjoyed them. My hat is off to those who, like @19syllables, can rattle off a haiku with ease; their simplicity should never be mistaken for lack of complexity.



long after the womb
we remember how to float
alive, ultramarine

landlubber lithe and long
breaking through into the blue
she’s limitless now

she, borne of water
a momentary mermaid
the sun dives with her

only a ripple
a stranger in a strange land
surfacing anew

Aquaphile - one who loves water - four images of a white woman diving off of a dock into a lake.
image courtesy of @19syllables




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