Not a sexy piece of lingerie, not a sexy pose.

The reality is, I can most often be found in bed or bundled up on the couch, laptop in my lap, in little more than a sports bra, a t shirt and panties. There is always a mug within reach: coffee if it’s the morning, Earl Grey for the afternoon, mint for the evening. I have a lovely desk and chair at a window, east facing and bright, but I work best in a nest. It’s as if writing, being the vulnerable art that it is, requires a certain sort of insulation from the world, be that couch cushions or the duvet.

I do quite like this sportsbra: shell pink with a tone-on-tone leopard print. Pretty and practical!


3 thoughts on “Natural Habitat”

  1. I wish I could work from home every day, if only so I could work in my undies too. Lovely image, both the one above, and the image in my mind of you comfortably working in your nest 🙂

    Rebel xox

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