It’s hard for me to believe that we’ve all been doing this little lingerie meme for more than half the year! Next week is Week 32 and I couldn’t be happier with the participation and all the amazing people I have connected with over lingerie, of all things! Every week ya’ll knock my proverbial socks off with your beauty and openness, vulnerability and commitment to challenging yourselves to see your body in a new and positive light.

We had 9 fabulous pics this week (including my own) and there was no shortage of colour, texture, and beautiful bodies to look at and honest words to read. I try to do these weekly shout outs as intuitively as I can – there is always an image that pulls me back over and over, the one image that I can’t help but click on through the week as I keep an eye on the links.

This week it’s Nikki’s picture that I couldn’t look away from, and let me tell you why:

This picture isn’t about the lingerie

I know, I know, counter-intuitive, right? But here’s the thing: #lingerieisforeveryone is about so much more than frilly underthings. It’s about embracing sensuality and taking up space. It’s about saying a big “fuck you” to the lingerie industry “standards” (tall, thin, youthful, white, cishet, female, etc.) Now, yes, in this case Nikki does check some of those boxes, but she has also shared her un-edited body, plain/casual clothes, and an unfussy pose for the photo. Oh and panties. They are the last thing I noticed. What I saw was an unapologetic self portrait that feels fresh and spontaneous, full of both attitude and vulnerability that belies a comfort and familiarity with her body that makes this viewer want to know what happened next …

So for anyone who has looked at the pictures linked up each week and thought:

  • I’m too old to join in
  • I’m too fat to look good in lingerie
  • I don’t look like a model in my lingerie
  • I don’t have fancy enough underwear
  • I don’t have expensive enough underwear
  • I’m not a woman so I shouldn’t join in
  • Or any other societal restriction that has been imposed upon you …

Please know that you are welcome, you will be accepted and celebrated, and that your self expression is as valid and as valuable as anyone else’s.

Lingerie is for everyone. Period. Full stop. Fact.

See you next week, and if you haven’t seen the other 8 links from this week, go see them now – they’re fabulous!



Violet xo


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