Isn’t it interesting how fluid desire and attraction can be? It is for me, and no example is more clear than the shifts that occur in how I perceive my own body. Sometimes I feel like a complete sex goddess, replete with bewitching beauty and grace. Other times I feel like a boiled potato. There is rarely a logical reason for one or the other, and neither one is ever accurate; they are both extremes. Mostly, my feelings towards my own image are neutral or somewhat critical, but for whatever reason, today I was really feeling myself. I had that thick-blooded need under my skin, so I slipped into some pretty, delicate, white lingerie, got out the old selfie stick and spent twenty minutes working myself up into a lather, masturbated furiously, came at the top of my lungs (thank heavens for working from home) and snapped some pictures. It felt good. Really good. Not bad for a boiled potato.



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10 thoughts on “Not Bad For A Boiled Potato”

  1. Not bad for a boiled potato indeed, although I doubt any of us who enjoy your pictures have ever been prompted to imagine any kind of potato when enjoying your images :p I mean I imagine things for sure, but never potatoes xxx

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  3. I love this post. It’s a pretty and sweetly intimate photo but what will really stay with me is your title and text. We all have those days, right? On both extremes, the good and the bad. I appreciate the upfront way you wrote about it and I totally relate to the days where getting off furiously is part of the fun.

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