The Blog Days of Summer 2019


I don’t feel like I have words tonight, or at least not the sort of words I usually share here. I’m too foggy for sexy thoughts. I feel a bit disconnected from myself. I’m stressed. To say I’m dissociating seems dramatic, but I’m a bit shut down with anxiety and the walls feel a bit close.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I’m wound up about it. It’s a routine physical and I’ll be getting the results of some routine blood work. No big deal, right? It’s all “routine” yet I feel like I’m going to get some terrible prognosis. I have such awful medical anxiety, which I’ve written about before, and I feel like I make such slim progress with it that I’m at a standstill. It makes me tired and I feel sort of defeated.

Bed time.


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I’m gonna write every day in August. Wanna join me?

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