Act 1, Scene 1
[Interior, Day – Violet’s Bedroom]

(Violet slips out of the bed, leaving ropebound and glassy eyed Loverboy behind. She opens a drawer in the tall mahogany bureau beside the bed.)


I’m just going to slip this on. Don’t go anywhere <chuckle>

(Violet dangles a strap on in front of Loverboy’s face and disappears into the bathroom)
(Violet leans on the counter and looks sternly at herself in the mirror)

(voice over, internal monologue)

Come on, get it together. What is wrong with me? What is this crisis of meaning all about? I can do this. He wants me to do this. But it’s not about what he wants! No! I’m the Dominant, he’s a willing and eager submissive. So why don’t I want to? Why does taking control feel so different from being in control? Why do I feel so inept? I wonder if he’s thinking I’m inept. Ugh. I knew this would happen. I knew I’d have an off day and I’d fail at everything and now it’s going to be awkward and he will probably not want to date me anymore but I kind of just want to cuddle. I should just say that, right? Right. But what if I don’t seem reliable and responsible? What if this is a deciding moment and I’m completely blowing it? What if not being in the mood to fuck his ass is like, a dealbreaker? He’s not like that, he’d never. But what if he did? What if? What if …..

<end scene>


Act 2, Scene 1
[Interior, Day – Violet’s Bedroom]

(Loverboy has been released from his bonds and lies on his stomach on the bed. He is naked. Violet luxuriates beside him, petting him like an exotic pet as he humps, cock in hand, listening to her attentively. His steel chastity device sits on the bedside table, glinting in the afternoon sun)


Mmmmmmm, good boy. I love watching you rub yourself into the bed so desperately. Don’t you dare cum. Right? No cumming without permission.

(Loverboy, feverish and teetering on the edge of orgasmic abandon whimpers as Violet presses her thumb into a bruise on his back.)


Yes, Goddess. Oh God, no. No, ohhh I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to … I ….


You came?


Yes, Goddess. Without permission. I’m sorry I thought I could stop.

(Violet sighs and pushes his hair out of his eyes)


It’s okay. Accidents happen.


But I really didn’t mean to …


I know. Don’t be hard on yourself.

(Loverboy sulks as Violet rubs his back, wondering if she failed him first in some way)

<end scene>


Act 3, Scene 1
[Exterior, Day]

(Loverboy is driving home after his afternoon with Violet. He has only just left when his phone buzzes: a text from Violet. He pulls over, responsible motor vehicle operator that he is.)

V: No goodbye?

L: What do you mean?

V: You just … left

L: I thought we did. I thought you were going to have a nap or a shower or something.

V: Eventually. And even if I was, we didn’t say good bye properly 🙁

L: I’m coming back

V: No, you don’t have to. We’ve just had an off day, it’s okay.

L: You’re getting this goodbye.

V: Honestly, it’s okay

L: I’m already here. I love you. I’m going to tell you that in 10 seconds and then kiss you.

V: just get in here you weirdo

L: LOL coming

V: OMG this again?!?


<end scene.>

<fade to black>



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