Chrystalino Seed Glass Butt Plug

When the good folks at HotCherry reached out to me about reviewing some fun new toys, I was happy to say yes with the usual caveats: that they send me more than one item so I can get a feel for their overall brand quality and that they let me choose the products. The rep that connected with me was a real peach about the whole thing and sent me some sexy items sold by HotCherry, the first of which I want to introduce to you:

Meet the Chrystalino Seed Glass Butt Plug!

Let me just say, before anything else, that I love, love, LOVE this plug. If you have been here before you may be aware of my love for glass sex toys and my feelings on butt stuff. It should come as no surprise that this darling plug is right up my <ahem> alley. It’s beautiful to look at and its curves are just as luxe and sexy as my own! It’s beautiful enough to leave out like art and mine has been on my bedside table or my desk and hasn’t been put away after cleaning. The cobalt colour is gorgeous, especially the way it casts pools of blue light when lit directly. Looks are all well and good, but that’s not why we have sex toys, is it? Luckily, it’s an aesthetically pleasing piece that doesn’t make you choose between form and function.

I was excited to find that the Chrystalino Seed Glass Butt Plug is not just a pretty face, she’s a big time pleasure provider. I found Chrystal (that’s what I named her, doesn’t everyone name their toys?) to be a very comfortable size to use anally as the narrow “waist” allows one end to remain inserted while the other stays safely outside the body. It is big enough that it can stimulate the A-Spot and prostate but it is not at all formidable as anal toys certainly can be. Vaginally, it is lovely as well with dramatic changes in circumference and blunt ends that provide the broad contact that is so pleasurable against my G-Spot and/or cervix.

I have used this plug alone both anally and vaginally, as well as with a partner, anally, during manual play and during PIV intercourse. In all positions and combinations I found it really comfortable. The one end is very round and provides a lovely ‘pop’ as it goes in and comes out. The other end is quite steeply tapered and reminds me of an oversized holiday bulb. The flawlessly smooth surface becomes incredibly slick with lube which makes inserting it easy despite the uniformly rigid nature of solid glass. The weight is also a plus for me – it weighs a hefty 12 oz/340g or 3/4 of a pound so its presence, although natural and comfortable, is also impossible to ignore. It is perfect if you enjoy “that full feeling” without too much stretch. In addition to insertion, I also enjoyed the sensation of the slick glass externally against my labia and clit.


Total Length: 6 inches/15 cm
Insertable Length: 5 inches/13 cm
Maximum Girth: 4 inches/11 cm

Weight: 12 oz/340g
Flexibility: Rigid

Material: 100% borosilicate, (shatterproof) glass
Colour: Cobalt Blue
Texture: Very Smooth

Waterproof/submersible : Yes
Power Source: 100% Manual

I love the quality and luxurious feel of this plug.The weight, curvy smoothness and soothing translucent blue colour give it a very opulent look and feel.  This plug comes in tasteful individual packaging and HotCherry always ships your toys discretely.

Good to Know: The Chrystalino Seed Glass Butt Plug is hand made so each one will have its own character and no two are exactly alike.


Why You’ll Love the Chrystalino Seed Glass Butt Plug

  • This is a low-key pleasure product: easy to use, no charging, no mechanics or electronics to worry about
  • It’s a nice size for beginners but also satisfying for more accomplished Butt Sluts like myself
  • Glass is easy to clean with your favourite toy cleaner (try Sliquid Shine Organic!) or hot soapy water
  • Non-porous shatterproof glass is body safe and safe for sharing with partners provided it is cleaned between uses and when switching between vaginal and anal play
  • You can use it with your favourite lube (or my favourite anal lube, for that matter!)
  • Glass is temperature receptive so you can run the Chrystalino under cold or warm water for exciting sensation play
  • Great for the shower or bath
  • The dual-bulb design (or double-bubble, as I call it) is like having two toys in one
  • The shape doesn’t scream “BUTTPLUG!” which allows it to hide in plain sight. You could easily have this on a shelf, use it as a sexy paperweight, or just leave it on the bedside table like I do and smile every time you see it

HotCherry sells the Chrystalino Seed Glass Butt Plug for $37.99 USD which is a steal for a hand made glass toy that is so versatile and discrete. I’m such a fan of glass toys in general because if you store them well (without them smashing together) and don’t drop them on a hard surface, they will literally last a lifetime. Rating

This beautiful gem of a plug has exceeded all my expectations and I am giving it the Fawkes’ Faves seal of approval for outstanding design and aesthetics. It is my current favourite plug and as I mentioned before, it has yet to be put away because it’s so pretty and I am using it so often.

I’d like to thank HotCherry for sending me the Chrystalino and I’m looking forward to sharing more unbiased reviews on the other toys they sent me! They have been a great company to work with and this plug is a very welcome addition to my collection. 

Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.