Atom Plus

Atom Plus

Atom Plus

I was so hopeful when Hot Octopuss kindly sent me the Atom Plus after my reviews of The Atom and The Queen Bee. The Atom worked well enough for Fantastik Mr. Fawkes but had some fundamental flaws. The Queen Bee was a lost cause in terms of orgasm arrival for me. Despite the first two toys not winning my heart, I continue to love and admire Hot Octopuss as a brand. They are doing great things in the sexual health education sphere and their toys are unique, inventive and made with diversity and inclusion in mind.

Three Men, with Three Opinions, and Me

Sadly, the third time was not a charm; the Atom Plus has been more subtraction than addition to our bedroom shenanigans at Chez Violet.

I tried the Atom Plus with three partners, all cis men. We tried it several times with some satisfactory but not amazing results. My notes from those test sessions are below, organized by partner, with my thoughts following.

Fantastic Mr. Fawkes

Mr. Fawkes was dubious about the additional perineum stimulation, as he had found the original Atom very intense and he can get a bit numb from too much vibration. He also often finds cock rings fit him poorly or just barely because getting through the ring is a bit of an ordeal. The first few attempts at getting the Atom Plus on failed miserably which was quite literally a boner-killer. The stretch in the ring itself is not very generous considering the awkwardly thick motor packs at the top and bottom of the ring that hands, dick and balls all have to contend with. It was a clumsy fight to get it on, and once it was, we realisd it was on upside down. We went with it, as he was not loving the sensation or the fit. Just as with the Atom, the buttons on the Atom Plus are small and finicky and not very conveniently located. All in all this was a one time only experience with Mr. Fawkes because he was not interested in trying it a second time.Although the Atom Plus left Mr. Fawkes overstimulated and underwhelmed, he did agree that, like all of HO toys, the build quality is awesome and the technology is commendable.

Ralph London

Much like Mr. Fawkes, Ralph is a tight squeeze for most cock rings and he tried more than once to get the Atom Plus on and off with ease or grace and came up short every time. Ralph was willing to try the Atom Plus more than once, but his, and our, experience didn’t improve with time or practice. He didn’t find any pleasure benefit to the second, lower motor and found it distracting. He too found the buttons frustrating to find and operate and was unimpressed by the lack of stretch-to-fit that it had. He liked the aesthetic of it. “It feels neutral-masculine, quite chic. If I found it more comfortable to operate and wear, I’m sure it would make me feel very sexy.”


Of all the guys, Loverboy liked the Atom Plus the most. The fundamental difference that I see, knowing all three and what makes their toes curl, is that Loverboy loves to be overstimulated. So much so that after a few minutes of wearing it for the first time, he added a vibrating butt plug because he wanted more stimulation. This is where the Atom Plus may have a legitimate foothold at Chez Violet: overstimulation! Like the others, he struggled with the lack of stretch and getting in and out of it but that was not a major detractor. He too He enjoys it and it’s become a regular in the roster of go-to toys!   


Material: Silicone, ABS
Waterproof: Yes
Colour: Black
Weight: 98g
Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 60mm
Function: 5 Speeds, 5 vibration modes with adjustable frequency
Running Time: 40 minutes
Charging: USB Cable
Charging Time: 2 hours

Overall, the Atom Plus didn’t deliver

Perhaps it’s a function of our combined anatomies but there is not enough alignment and therefore not enough stimulation for me. Too much time and effort was spent trying to get everything in the right place with the right pressure and it just didn’t add much to the experience. As a solo toy I could certainly orgasm with it, but that’s not what it’s designed for and there are more effective toys in my collection to do the trick. I do enjoy the opportunity for labia and clit stimulation when Loverboy wears it and grinds against me – a lovely bonus to chastity! He gets teased, I get pleased.

This was not the toy to tickle my fancy, but it could be yours! It’s a beautifully made, well designed pleasure aid and is absolutely worth taking a look into.

I recommend you visit Hot Octopuss and check out the Atom Plus for yourself!  

Big thanks to Hot Octopuss, who sent me the Atom Plus, free of charge, for an honest and unbiased review.

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