Every week I think it will be easier to choose a few pictures from the week’s link-up, and every week, you folks floor me with your photo/editing skills, your lovely underthings and your brave, witty, funny, and relatable words. I didn’t manage to sneak in my own picture this week, I was busy taking pics of Loverboy and writing my epic love letter to the community in celebration of my 500th blog post. No regrets! Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day or fuel in the tank to do it all. Maybe I’ll treat you all to more Loverboy in Lingerie pics for next week. Stay tuned!

In other news, it was a heck of a great week for Lingerie Is For Everyone and I’m spoiled for choice in terms of choosing images to highlight. Tough job, but someone has to do it!

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IMG_1170First up is Slave Sindee and the cutest, softest pink “boy panties” with black lace. I always enjoy Sindee’s no frills approach to lingerie photos and you can feel the excited (maybe nervous?) energy in the images.




A woman wearing boxers lies back on a bed. Photo.Quinn is such a sweet and conscientious person I shouldn’t be surprised by the DM I received double checking that someone else’s boxers were “enough” for Lingerie Is For Everyone. HECK YES! Inclusion, community, self expression and body positivity are the tenets of #LiFE so whatever undies a person wants to share are perfect. And to respond to your question, Quinn: I have no doubt that they look better on you than their original owner!


Fishnet Bra littlegem sitting in an alley way in her fishnet bra and fishnet hold ups I know I say this a lot but … I am STUNNED by this pic from The Purples (can I call you that, PurpleSole and PurplesGem?). These two are a photography power couple and their capture of details and ambience is so impressive. I just love this picture!






That’s my Top 3 for Week 29. Link up your pics and share your stories again on Tuesday for week 30. Can you believe it?

2 thoughts on “Featured Photos for Week 29 of Lingerie Is For Everyone”

  1. I don’t know why I missed this week but I’ve just caught up and I LOVE the 3 you have picked! All special in their way, but the image by The Purples could be a book cover or an Athena poster couldn’t it? Hope that goes into your batch of headers for 2020 #LIFE prompts.

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