I couldn’t sleep last night, it was too hot and too still, but that didn’t stop me from masturbating furiously with one of Loverboy’s well-worn t-shirts draped across my chest. It smells sweetly of him and his delicious pheromones. I have never wanted to smell and taste a lover more than I do him. He’s like candy and he gets me oh so high.



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10 thoughts on “#BoobDay – Sugar High”

  1. Brilliant boob shot as always Violet =D I can’t comment on the words except to say it sounds lovely, I have a virtually no sense of smell, so I have no idea what the experience you described it like!! x

      1. Well I’ve always been this way as far as I know! It’s strange because my mum had the same but hers was the result of an accident! I assume this is coincidence but who knows. I only realised how bad it was when I met Bakji as he asked more about it than anyone ever had before. I can probably smell about 20% of all smells I think. And sometimes it’s just very faint when someone else might says it’s actually very noticeable. It’s been an oddly fascinating thing to discover about myself in my thirties but explains a lot! I also have hayfever but more specifically grass so maybe that’s part of it too. It’s all very curious x

        1. Fascinating! I’m quite the opposite. I’ll smell things well in advance of most people and I’m often overwhelmed by smells. Taking the elevator at work in an office I could often tell who had arrived shortly before me because I could still smell them in the elevator!

        2. That’s amazing! it’s so interesting to have someone with a good sense of smell tell me what smells and what’s truly doesn’t! Combined we sound like some sort of strange superhero or detective duo ?

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