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The stunning and talented Annie Savoy has been so kind as to do the Round Up this week! Read on, and click through to the original blog posts by clicking the pictures. Here’s Annie!


Hello lovelies. I’m so pleased that Violet is letting me do her #LiFE round up this week! I’m a huge fan of lingerie, especially panties and especially lace, and you can see my pictures on my blog and on Instagram @anniesavoywrites or @anniesavoytakespictures. I especially love glorious photos of lingerie that I don’t own or can’t wear and round ups make me happy because they give me a chance to really delve into all the wonderful blogs out there and I always discover someone new. Sweet Violet gave me a few guidelines for this round up and I’ve chosen to give out awards today. So, without further adieu…


The award for “Most Beautiful Piece of Lingerie That Fills Me With Envy Because I Don’t Own It” goes to:

Morgan for her incredibly sexy black bra. Not only does it fit her perfectly with all those glorious textures of black but wearing a vibrator as a necklace is such a subversive idea that I’m positively overcome. I want this bra and I probably want that necklace too!





The award for “People You Most Want At Your Party” goes to:

Posy and her blog post asking a handful people about their preferences around being “naked or dressed up” for sex. The answers are so revealing! I’m definitely a naked girl and prefer my lingerie for parties or pictures so I admire anyone who dresses up for sex. I can’t think of a better use of one’s time. Also, Posy’s painterly picture of her little black lingerie set is quite delicious.





The award for “Best Photo Styling and Sweetest Accessories” goes to:

White Corset

That fan! That garter! Those heels! Those daisies! PurpleSole and littlegem are SO good at creating pictures that are stories. The Smut Marathon round 6 used “Wedding dress” as the story prompt and littlegem would fit right in as a bride with a backstory… I love the playful sweetness of this image with its edge of seduction.




My last award is a shout out for “Bravery and Perseverance”:


It seems that after much searching Slave Sindee has found a new relationship and I wish them the very best. I applaud anyone who puts themselves out there and persists in fulfilling their dreams, especially when the world would prefer they conform to something more conventional. So, to Slave Sindee, I say brava! Your panties are lovely and your joy is evident.

Thank you so much to Violet for creating and maintaining this safe harbor for all of us to celebrate our bodies and our pretty things. The world needs more harbors and it also needs more Violets.






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  1. What a lovely round up – excited that I made the cut and I LOVE the category I ‘won’ – thank you Annie, any dates I need to pop in my diary of party planning? Everyone participating is so inventive and love the images shared on Violets #LIFE meme.

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