Hello Lingerie Lovers!

It was another smashing week of links with 15 photos contributed, all of which exemplified the essence of this ongoing project, proving once again that lingerie really is for everyone.

So how do I possibly choose the highlights? I usually do 3 but this time I’m choosing 4 because frankly, I want to choose them all but that’s not how this works!


Anonymous in BlackAnonymous in Black Knickers – I love seeing people dip their toe into sharing pics and experiencing their interest in lingerie and if that means staying anonymous, that’s totally cool! This project is about making space for EVERYONE regardless of social and physical variables, so if people want to join in and not share their identity, I say jump on in, the water’s fine! Looking good, Anon, looking good!





Lingerie Is For Vulnerability  – In many ways lingerie does express a certain inherent vulnerability because it’s so private and often made of such barely-there, ephemeral materials. But when the person in the lingerie is also vulnerable the image can change to one of strength and conviction. Just look at Nikki’s eyes in this shot and you’ll see just how strong soft can be.






Simple – I love this shot because of it’s simplicity but even more so for many lovely details: the feathery ends of J. Lynn’s hair against her skin, FRECKLES, the sumptuous curves of her cleavage and the basic black bra, a fundamental item in any bra-wearer’s closet. Lingerie can be both form and function, it’s all about how it makes you feel.







PictureTouch – There’s always a picture, every week, that I return to over and over and this week it’s Annie’s. The posture of her posterior is perfection. The reflection in the table is such a strong but subtle feature and the triple scallop border of those panties makes the title of the post all the more seductive. I can imagine the texture of the lace and how the glass would cool warm skin, plus one can’t help but wonder if anyone is watching from the building in the background …



Thank you so much to everyone who linked up and shared bits of themselves this week! As always, please try to share your fellow contributor’s posts and show them some comment love, and remember: it’s not about fancy or expensive lingerie, or about having a bottomless drawer of new things to show every week. Feel free to share what makes you feel good or what makes you think about your body in a new way. #LiFE is a celebration, and every pic posted since the first week has been awesome. If you haven’t joined in yet, maybe it’s time? And if you’d like to do one of these weekly round ups please reach out on Twitter or by email at fireandhoneyblog@gmail.com

TGIF, time to slip into something more comfortable … Have a great weekend, friends.

Love, Violet xo


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