A little something different for my Lingerie Is For Everyone post this week. It’s lingerie, and it’s violet, but it’s not me.

I’ve dropped a few hints about Loverboy recently, it’s a new-ish relationship but not brand new, and to be honest, I have been sort of hoarding him as a delicious secret, not wanting to share too much too soon and not wanting to overwhelm him with the life and times of dating a sex blogger. I’m always reticent to share that I’m a sex blogger with new partners because in the past it’s been a deal breaker, despite the fact that I would never discuss or share images without consent. But I get it, it’s a lot for some people, and some guys have been very threatened by it. That should have been a red flag in itself but hey, live and learn. Loverboy, however, is not threatened. He’s not even nervous. He’s keen to be helpful and he has an exhibitionist streak so it takes very little to get him naked when there’s a camera around.

We had an especially lovely day together this week at Chez Violet, romping around, watching scary movies and noshing his amazing peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, basking in the thrilling challenge of male chastity and getting punch-drunk on each other. And since he is not at all camera shy, after some discussion about if and how he might interact with the whole Violet Fawkes world, I captured some shots and he’s been cheerfully expressing how much he’s cool with them being posted. I dare say he likes the attention!

More on Loverboy, 24/7 chastity and our FLR soon. Until then: cute bum, purple panties and a hint of hand porn. Am I predictable or what?



7 thoughts on “Lace Embrace”

  1. I love those purple panties, your guy’s body looks very tempting and that’s a classy hand. I’m a fan already.

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