I forgot that it’s Prompt Week so this pair of pictures doesn’t really fit the bill but I’m grinning semi-sadistically over them anyway. More on Loverboy and his locked cock soon, but in the meantime, please show him some comment love for hitting Day 10!

Also … should I let him out when I see him on Monday?



12 thoughts on “Maybe Monday”

  1. I actually kind of think it works for the prompt in a weird way. One is the image and the other is the conversation inspired by the image. Not exactly one shot two way but definitely two images that compliment


    1. Thanks, Molly. I thought so too but it felt like an abstract stretch. I’m glad it came through a bit! I definitely prefer to be “with it” with the prompts but c’est la vie!

  2. I absolutely love the lasting of the images and conversation, it works really well and each provides so much depth to the other. Really creative and original.

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