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Lingerie Is For Everyone – Week 21 Round Up by @HosieryLingerie

A sunny Canadian Morning to you all. Apologies for the late post, seems we had some hosting issues in the last 12 hours – nothing makes a blogger panic more than not being able to get to their blog-baby. After some choice words and a tragically difficult password re-set, we are good to go and the lingerie viewing can continue!

This week’s Round Up comes to us from the sweet and lovely @HosieryLingerie If you don’t already follow him on Twitter, do so – he’s a heck of a nice guy and he is a frequent flyer here at #LingerieIsForEveryone. Without further ado, let’s see which posts stuck out for him this week!


Well hello to you all! This week’s Round Up is brought to you by little old me (@HosieryLingerie). I’ve been a keen lover of lingerie for as long as I can remember and I own over 100 pairs of knickers and at least 30 pairs of tights/hold ups and stockings! In the last few months I’ve gained the confidence to share this more on my Twitter page and it’s that confidence that has led to me doing this week’s Round Up! I’ve selected 3 of my favourites this week, although quite frankly, everyone who gets involved in Lingerie Is For Everyone deserves recognition for letting us all admire their lingerie!


First up is Isabelle and her sneaky lingerie pic. What I can really relate to with this picture is the issue of not having much privacy in your own home. The sheer white lingerie is something I really like, giving you a glimpse to what lies beneath whilst also looking like a set that provides comfort. Definitely a set I’d like to own myself!


Next up is May and her Jumpers in June post. I love the floral design on these knickers and i think for all of us in the UK we can definitely relate to the need for the thick jumper requirements presently. A real joy is lounging around in an your comfiest jumper in just your pants and it brings back memories of doing just this during my winters in Canada 🙂


My final choice this week is Posy Churchgate and her Sweetcheeks post. My absolute favourite underwear to wear is silky knickers and the first pair of knickers I ever wore were a pair of green silky ones so I had to include this post in my Round Up. This line also felt like something I could relate to “On so many days the secret that I have is that I am wearing pretty lingerie under my clothes”. It’s something that would shock many people if they saw what I was wearing beneath my jeans, I’m sure, and whilst I have grown in confidence with my posting on twitter I’m still very conscious of what people would say if they saw my lingerie popping out of my jeans when bending down to pick something up at work! But back to Posy: the knickers in the photo are simply gorgeous, the silk and lace together are a wonderful combination and I do love the way they sit on Posy, I think that’s another pair needed for my collection!


That’s the end of my Round Up. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and if you’d like to follow me on Twitter I’d love that! Chatting to fellow lingerie lovers is something I always have time for!


Thank you to all the participants this week and to @HosieryLingerie for the brilliant round up and insight into your love for lingerie! Next week’s Round Up is unclaimed, so if you’d like to contribute, please DM me on Twitter!

Links open for Week 22 on Tuesday – see you there!



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  • Posy Churchgate

    Thank you for selecting my bum in green knickers! I am delighted they struck a chord with you (they’re from New Look). Having sexy undies as your secret is a great thing, but way more daring for a guy in ladies lingerie I’d guess – go you! Your knicker collection sounds awesome! I haven’t seen May’s submission yet but I too loved Isabelle’s furtive underwear selfie.

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