I wanna fuck.

Not just any fuck, not a cuddlefuck, not a brisk fingering, not a deliciously sloppy blow job. I want to fuck.

You know the kind: sweaty, bitey, viciously raw and passionate. I want teeth in my shoulder (kiss there later, please), I want dick that bottoms out, I want it balls deep until I feel that quivering buzz in the back of my head from the impact. I want our hands on each other’s throats. I want to clench and grind and writhe and arch. I want to fuck like the ship is going down. I want to fuck so hard one of us flares up an old injury from playing sports in high school. I want to fuck so long and so hard we are both dehydrated afterwards. I want the kind of fucking that feels like both a punishment and a reward. I want the bed beneath us sodden with cum and sweat. I want to lose my voice tomorrow because you fucked it out of me today.

You wanna fuck?


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