I’m breaking my own rules and it kind of feels good.

I shared my blog with The Cop (hopefully I can come up with a more inspired nickname than that, eventually). I also have accommodated 2 reschedules for tea. Those aren’t things I usually do. So why now? Why him? It’s a hunch. A gut feeling. I like him. When he called (a genuine conversation! be still my heart!) to ask if we could reschedule to tomorrow, I could hear the exhaustion in his voice. “I’m not blowing you off, Violet. I’m totally smitten.” Hard to resist that sort of sweetness. Of course, I’d rather he sleep and not be a zombie on shift tonight; that’s not safe or practical. Besides, waiting is hot. Anticipation is delicious and the way he quietly whimpered when I said “I guess you’ll just have to make it up to me somehow.” was well worth it.

So instead of fondling his nightstick and flirtatiously sipping tea, I’m writing, getting some work done. I know he’ll read this, which makes me chuckle, but we have agreed to transparency and honesty in all things, so no censorship. Perhaps he will make an appearance here in the future, but one step at a time. Ooooh, I wonder if I can use his handcuffs on him? But I digress. We need to get through tea first.


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