Welcome to the Round up and Top 5 Lingerie Picks for #LiFE Week 20! 

Posy Churchgate has written some wonderful things and a great bio, so I will let her words speak for themselves:

I love this meme because it is so celebratory. People can show off their favourite underthings, display themselves the way they like to look. Our bodies in underwear can be a private thing – but some lingerie is too pretty or flattering to hide. I feel boosted in both my confidence and my sense of allure by knowing that I have flattering, attractive underwear on that only my beloved will see.

This week the prompt was comfortable, but everyone who participated proved that comfort doesn’t equal dull, or dowdy and definitely not frumpy. Even the simplest of styles gives a body something special if it delivers the right kind of support or smoothing under clothes. It was hard to choose, but here are my favourites of the delectable entries:

The pastel colour & the lacy fabric Nikki models conveys delicacy and the pale expanses of skin emphasise this impression. The way she makes eye contact with the camera, however, and her playful nibble at her fingers are what tip this image over into burningly erotic.

Floss is known more for her ‘femdom’ side but this charming underwear set shows she has a ‘little’ in her too. It’s charming that she can say “I’m like that, but I can be this too!” I think she looks sexy in an underplayed way and Bravo for that.

Jupiter describes her cherry red basque as making her feel glamorous “and that in turn makes me feel another tad more comfortable in my own skin.” I totally relate to using lingerie and underwear in this way – covering some bits, enhancing others, revealing secrets. The red colour oozes sexy with its black lace and ribbons which add class and more than a touch of the femme fatale to her sexy poses.

I’m loving the attitude here as much as the underwear. Not only is babyjayjayy comfortable in his skin and choice of thong, but he is confident – no sassy! There is swagger as he presents  himself in the underwear – he may be missing the parade/party but he doesn’t intend to miss out – let’s all grab #LIFE and live it like this!

Julie’s pretty bra has really made an impression on me. This is the first week she has participated in this meme, because she’s had quite a journey recently. She needed time to feel comfortable with her new curves, but is now projecting a wonderful body image plus showing off a very pretty bra. It gives her confidence, so I suggest she treats herself to more lingerie like this because she’s looking mighty fine.


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Posy Churchgate started writing erotica in 2016, but is now expanding into different genres and styles of erotic writing, with the long-term goal of publishing a book.  Happily married and heterosexual, Posy embraces experimentation within her relationship. She includes something she’s experienced in every scenario she creates; “libido is  like a muscle, use it or lose it!” Posy jokes. Her current crusade is to establish the idea in erotica that older women enjoy sex, sometimes over 40 they discover the best sex of their lives! She’s always used lingerie as a ‘prop’ to her sexy persona; covering up some areas, revealing others, it sprinkles a bit of magic over the whole proceeding.

When she’s not reading or writing, Posy spends time with her family and dogs, binge watching shows on Netflix or horror films from behind a cushion!

Check out her Blog and follow Posy on Twitter

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