I am accustomed to pain, to loss, to grief and the numbness that follows. Whether good or bad, healthy or not, I have found ways in my life to manage the complete familiarity of sadness and work through it. It may come as a surprise that such a crybaby as me is usually the one supporting and healing others and I know I come across as self involved and needy, and I guess I am, but I’m also a pillar of strength for the people I care about when I have the bandwidth to be useful. I may sound desperate and broken and hopeless, and I am, but I know that it will pass. I had a great therapist once who told me, in his firm and gentle way, that happiness, regardless of what we are led to believe, should not be the goal. It is one of many possible emotions and we simply cannot expect it of ourselves all the time, and that prising it above all else forces us to exclude other valuable and varied emotions. Sadness has a purpose. Anger has a purpose. They all count for something and all hold answers and questions that we need to learn. I’m nothing if not emotional. I’m 4 days deep in the loss of a pet and I can’t be bothered to shower or eat much (but then again, I also ate my feelings on Saturday, like a fucking champ). I’m failing to hydrate, meds are only happening because I have people around me who care enough to remind me. I could really go for a long, heavy, bruising spanking but I don’t trust myself enough to respect my own limits when I’m sad like this. I resist such activities when my mind set is “ruin me”, and not in a cute way.

Today, happiness is out of reach, so I will settle for comfort. I will take softness and the smell of clean laundry, the tickle of lace and the unfussy, comfy slump of soft jersey material. I’m a mess, and I need a hug that lasts until tomorrow. Story of my life. This too shall pass.



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7 thoughts on “Who Heals The Healer? – Every Damn Day In June – 4/30”

  1. The answer… This community does. When we are lost, heartbroken, sad, angry and ready throw it all away. This beautiful group of people who cross our desktop or phones daily can help lift us back up. You are right, every emotion has it’s place and time. ❣️

  2. Sending you love and hugs, Violet. This too shall pass is my favourite saying, and though as you say, it has it’s purpose, I hope your sorrow will ease soon. ?

  3. This does indeed look comfortable and, with it’s pretty colours and fresh laundry smell, comforting. I too take ‘hugs’ from familiar, cosy lounging clothes. I’m so sorry to hear you’re suffering the loss of a loved pet, the same situation has sent me in to a tailspin more than once. It’s a funk that’s hard to pull yourself out of. Give yourself time and allow people to provide comfort and support. You can be the strong one another time – wish you well.

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