Thanks for another great week, everyone! I continue to be impressed, inspired and humbled by the images and words that you share. I have received so many touching DMs and emails from people expressing enthusiasm for this meme and it fills my heart to hear the stories of what some of you have overcome and learned about your selves and self image through lingerie and sensual self expression. I hope that this safe space holds value for you like it does for me, I hope that reading, viewing and/or participating is positive, empowering and meaningful for you. *hugs if you’d like them*

A quick reminder: next week is a theme week! The theme is “Comfort”. Interpret that however you will! You might choose to share a really comfortable piece of lingerie, or a more everyday underthing that is less about the look and more about the feel. Or perhaps the setting of your photo expresses comfort while your body is in something restrictive. Maybe it’s about comfort in a certain role or situation and lingerie helps with that. Get creative with it and don’t feel hindered by re-shooting pieces you’ve shared before! We all look at so much each week it is impossible to remember everything and (sadly) no one has an endless supply of new pretty things to choose from each week. It matters not!

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Our Round Up this week is by Marie, a dear friend and blogging colleague. Do ensure you check out her site and follow her on Twitter, she is one of the kindest, most dedicated and prolific bloggers I have ever known and she’s an absolute pillar of the community. Without further ado, here is her Round Up:

I am delighted to be doing the round up for this week’s #LIFE. As a sex blogger, I don’t only write, but definitely also post images of myself, sometimes with, and sometimes without, lingerie. Actually, more often without, which might be the reason why I haven’t participated in #LIFE much up until now. I have, however, been inspired to buy different pieces of lingerie, which will all eventually feature here for this meme! Once I have my photo studio up and running, taking my own pictures will be a lot easier than it is now, in the rather cramped space of our bedroom. For those who don’t know where to find my images, you can follow my blog and also follow me on Twitter where I am @rebelsnotes

Okay, on to my top choices for this week. I was going to choose only three posts, but just had to add a fourth.


Lace on lace by Nikki 

I absolutely love images where shadows add patterns to the image, and this one by Nikki is really beautiful. It’s almost like the lace of her bra has run over onto her skin. The image is beautifully framed too, and I like that the bit of her expression we can see seems to say she is satisfied with the result.

Put your hand in mine by Lexy

The first image in this post is tantalizing and the second is just downright sexy, and fun too since Lexy is wearing only one stocking. Lexy has an artful eye and I always enjoy her images. However, this post is not only about the images…

Silk and Lace by Littlegem 

I briefly met Littlegem and PurpleSole at Eroticon 2019 and believe me when I say this is a sweet and sexy couple. This image of Littlegem is sexy and so damn inviting, and the black looks beautiful against her pale skin.

Mercury Rising by Violet Fawkes 

As I said above, I wanted to choose only three images, but this one is so damn beautiful that I just couldn’t leave it out, which is why I ended up with four choices. The colors in this image, the beautiful pink lace and the gorgeous rounding of Violet’s breast… all these elements just makes for a gorgeous image!


Thank you so much to Marie for this week’s picks and shares!

Next week Posy Churchgate will be sharing her selections for the Week 20 Round Up. Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter @posychurchgate. Links open for Week 20 on Tuesday. As always, if you’d like to join in, check out the rules and grab the badge if you’re a blogger.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and I look forward to all the coziness of next week’s theme!


Violet xx


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