I’m too shy.

I want you to watch, but I’m too shy. I want to see your slow smile as my hand slips beneath the soft cotton of my panties. I want to make you lick your lips and gnaw at them. I want to make you wait.

But I’m too shy.

My mind’s eye is brimming with lusty tears, wet and ready to overflow at your say-so. All I need do is imagine the way you’d sink back into your seat and get comfortable, enjoying my performance, watching me touch as you watch me, caught in a loop of angst and exhibitionism.

But I’m too shy.

My fingers are itching to wander into the dampness you excite, to use them as you’d use yours with that tap-tap-tap-stroke motion that makes me arch and whimper. I want to show you how good daydreams of you can feel.

But I’m too shy.

I need it, and so do you, swimming in each others eyes, words dying on our tongues and the heavy sweetness in the air, like memories and wilted roses.

But I’m too shy.

Maybe just a peak? A tease. Yes, just a moment, a gasp, one delicious curl of a finger, one long sigh exhaled between us.

But I’m shy.

Too shy.


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8 thoughts on “Too Shy”

  1. I thought that was lovely and very compelling. I’m sinking back in my chair and imagining right now …

  2. You’re such a brilliant writer, and the structure of this story added to its hotness for me. And I fell in love with the phrase “one delicious curl of a finger” – so delicious!

  3. I’m with Brigit here… my inner monologue too. It’s so damn hard to just speak up. I have the sexiest thoughts, want to do the sexiest things but I am just too shy to do it… and consequently missing out on SO much.

    Rebel xox

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