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Week 17 – Round Up by Nikki @loveisafetish

Hello Lingerie Lovers!

We’ve had a great week with lots of gorgeous submissions from a great group of contributors.

This week’s Round Up is by Nikki of Love Is A Fetish ( @loveisafetish on Twitter). Nikki is a true inspiration and a really prolific content creator. She writes sexy fiction, reviews sex toys and is very sharing of herself in photos and words. Nikki posts in #LingerieIsForEveryone nearly every week and her posts are always a great combination of flirty and provocative. Thank you so much, Nikki, for your excellent picks from this week!

Here are Nikki’s selections from Week 17:

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In Brigit’s post, Unbound, she allows us a slight glimpse into her life as well as her delicate exposed skin. I love everything about this post, from the quote to the ending. I really appreciated the irony of the carefree, relaxed prose as I strained my eyes to see more gorgeous exposed flesh in the dark of the night.


Often times, I get pretty excited about an article of clothing and express to my partner something along the lines of “this bra makes my tits look great!” and he always responds with “No, your tits make that bra look great”. I was immediately reminded of that here with In Morgan’s shot. What a gorgeous image. Their curves fill the bra so effortless and perfectly like it was made to grace that lovely chest. The lace and the fabric trace the curved lines like a piece of art. Which, is absolutely what this photograph is.


Violet’s post Dark Angel hit many tender notes within me. It was so vulnerable, and incredibly relatable since I too am incredibly self conscious about my belly. But holy hell, the pay off after that vulnerable display of shyness and then support from the image requester, was so worth it. The pose is so powerful, yet soft and inviting. Her curves and lines that are just begging to be touched and worshiped under that flimsy and flowy lingerie. Outstanding.


It’s no secret that Floss is magnificent in her multi-talented glory, and this image is no exception. Floss was one of the first sex bloggers I came across when I was exploring the blogging community, and she has continued to inspire me ever since with not only her sultry words, but her photography that started off stellar and has only increased in it’s decadence and creativity. I am a huge fan of light and shadows, and Floss uses them expertly in this image highlighting her cleavage, and the sassy pose with her hand on her hip, letting us have the slightest peek of those delicious fishnets underneath.



Miss Scarlet’s Reflective Boobs is an image I kept coming back to and admiring. I love the vulnerable pose in those gorgeous red panties. But the top of the mirror has a disconnection that skews the top of Miss Scarlet’s body just slightly and I found it fascinating. I like the hint of the bottom of her hair as it adds an interesting perspective. Wonderful composition for a simple shot.


Thank you so much for your insights and keen eye, Nikki! Next week’s Round Up will be by Jo of Petticoat Diva, sexy sex blogger, toy reviewer, and vintage fashion enthusiast. Stay tuned for her take on Week 18! In the meantime, check out her site and follow her on Twitter @petticoatdivajo

Links open again on Tuesday, see you then!

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