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#SinfulSunday – Grit, Gaiman and “a good cheese”

The May prompt for Sinful Sunday, as decreed by our reigning Queen of Sin, Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss, is “an out-take”, an image that might have otherwise been passed over.

I recently spent almost a whole day, naked in my bedroom/office with the curtains partially drawn, playing with light and shadow, finding the extremes and the in betweens, defying convention and nailing a few interesting images. As always, it’s hundreds of shutter clicks and only a handful of images worth keeping as self portraiture is about as myopic an art form as one can imagine. Still, I loved the cold grit of this one, the heavy static in the shadows and the hot spots of over exposure. It reminded me of the high contrast of comics and graphic novels but with a slightly more eerily human feel. Too human perhaps.


“…Minnesota, Wisconsin, all around there… has the kind of women I liked when I was younger. Pale-skinned and blue-eyed, hair so fair it’s almost white, wine-colored lips, and round, full breasts with the veins running through them like a good cheese.”

― Neil Gaiman, American Gods



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