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#LiFE Guest Post by @smsub67

Not to sound dramatic, friends, but this post brought tears to my eyes …. just read it, like it, share it.


Lace clings to my body, silk cools heat and tight fabric stretched taught across my cheeks adds to my own sense of femininity.

At times when much of life crashes against me, being Susie takes me to a safe space, where I am aroused, submissive and an on object of pleasure for myself and others. As a partial cross dresser and sub, I am curious about being pushed to further extend my femininity.

Being Susie began in adolescence with disinterest in being the archetype of masculinity. While I adored femininity and wanted to be of pleasure and to be pleased by women, I was also aware that being dominated was part of what I craved. Being Susie made play with a dominant possible. I can submit as a Male but somehow, being her, frees me more completely to give my myself to a dominant.

I write occasionally within my blog about my journey. I have struggled with self acceptance. I grew up feeling guilt about who I am. Now, at last, people like Violet are helping share what is good and exciting about wearing what makes so many of us feel good. Thank you Violet!


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