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#LiFE Guest Post – Gyspy Tangerina

I’d call this a STRONG START to Week 14 of Lingerie Is For Everyone.

It’s taken a couple weeks to coordinate with Gypsy but here we are, and clearly, it was worth waiting for. Just look at this pic! Furthermore, some touching and powerful words from Gypsy:


I took this on Thursday night last week. I’d been gardening all day. I was grubby and came home and wanted to cast off the dirt of the day and feel less grubby. More civilised and sophisticated. I spent an hour and a half shaving. 2 hours doing makeup and my wig. It was a long process that finally finished around 9pm. It was worth it. It was cooler by the time I was finished so I slipped a blue coat on the matched my lipstick. There is a pic of me smiling nervously, worrying about getting it wrong. Something I always have. A feeling that I will never get it right, never look the way I want to feel inside. Sexy lingerie helps. It adds spice to my self worth. It seasons what is in point of fact a canvas waiting to be filled. I surround myself with tantalising texture, add movement, contorted into suggestive compositions and served up to be seen and digested by far away eyes. I feel them on me. Touching, exploring with interest and curiosity. It feels good. Powerful again.

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