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#LingerieIsForEveryone – Week 12 Round Up

*fans self*

Holy hell, this might have been the hottest and most lovely week for #LIFE yet! It was full of new comers and frequent flyers, alike. It has been lovely to see more (cis)men comfortably sharing their interest in wearing lingerie through Lingerie Is For Everyone. When I conceived of this meme, (cis)women seemed like a guarantee – lingerie is so prevalent in that group – and of course I want this to be a safe and empowering space for them, but moreover I want it to be a safe and celebratory space for the people and bodies that aren’t typically represented in beautiful lingerie. Pretty underthings can be such a thrill, or put a spring in one’s step, or be a tool for expression and self understanding within sexuality. These things, and the freedom to feel them, are something everyone is entitled to, regardless of what society expects and “allows”. Lingerie Is For Everyone is my love letter to anyone who has ever felt too old, too fat, too queer, too masculine, not white enough, too shy, too plain, too afraid (etc etc) to wear lingerie. I am so happy to see people joining in each week and I’m humbled by the kind words people use when they share the links. Thank you for making this an evermore diverse community of lingerie fanatics and for spreading the gospel that lingerie is for everyone. I believe that and I hope you do too.

As mentioned, it was stunning week. If you haven’t checked out all the links, please do! I’m honestly hard pressed to choose 5 to highlight so I present to you the images that I went back to more than once, more than twice, that I just couldn’t look at enough. Click on the images to read the original posts (some have other pictures too!) Don’t forget to like/share/comment!











A Note About Week 13:

Thirteen is said to be unlucky, but I don’t buy it. If you’re joining in, feel free to share the lingerie you feel luckiest in. Maybe you feel lucky because it was a gift that you cherish, or maybe because it’s the lingerie you “get lucky” in most. Shamrocks, horseshoes, wishbones, lucky ducks, whatever! The theme is not compulsory but it’s there if you need the nudge.

Have a wonderful, relaxing, sexy weekend, everyone. Links open again Tuesday morning!

Love, Violet xox









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