I have always been a biter. As a kid my fingernails were gnawed to bloody stumps, my pens and pencils were dented with tiny teeth marks, I am attracted to certain food not for their taste but strictly for texture. Freudians might say I’m stuck in the oral developmental stage because my mouth has certainly become a primary erogenous zone for me but Freudian theory is a dangerously narrow viewpoint and I prefer not to over think my mouth and biting pleasure and allow it to be just that: pleasure.

Odaxelagnia is a paraphilia involving sexual arousal through biting, or being bitten and is considered a mild form of sadism.


Sexy biting is my (consensual) jam – always ask before you bite!

  • Any intensity in kissing will inevitably have me tugging on my partner’s lip with my teeth
  • That smooth, taut part of the neck that houses the jugular? I want to bite and be bitten there
  • If I’m the big spoon, that shoulder in front of me will be nibbled
  • If I’m the little spoon my teeth may press adoringly into your forearm
  • Push your fingers in my mouth and let me tease you by biting down softly
  • Impossibly gentle nips and bites are, for me, what makes decent oral sex into amazing oral sex
  • Bum cheeks look so good with a deep bruise and the indentations of teeth
  • Breasts and nipples are delightful to bite and have bitten because they are so tender and mark so easily

But why? Why do I like to bite and why do I crave being bitten? I recently wrote about Primal Regression and Submission and these words from that post still stay with me: “There is catharsis, there is lust, there is insatiable craving, but not for the hunt or the chase, but for the feast.” Biting can be intense, it can be liberating, it can be soothing, but it is very immediate, very present. It is close range intimacy that cannot be faked or just dialed in. Biting is a potent cocktail of lust, fear, pain, control, masochism and sadism. It is one of my biggest kinks.

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