This week’s #LiFE Round Up will be done by me, and I certainly picked a tricky week to do it! Why do y’all have to be so stunning and brave and interesting? Only kidding, I’m so in love with all these images and I’m delighted in the participation and excitement people have shown in how they link up their images, share tweets, and encourage others to join in. It’s truly a wonderful thing to behold.

So … which ones stood out?

From Left to Right:

New Body of Work by KP, clad in silky cream coloured satin and lace. This is a lovely update on how he’s doing in terms of writing and body image. He also has a new @ on Twitter just for naughy pics. Read more here …

Unbinding the Frost’s Fetters, Unwinding the Water’s Chains by Lexy, bedazzled by delicate chain. What an idea: body jewelry as lingerie. The rest of the photos will get your mind whirring ….

This Weird Habit by Floss, replete with panties bearing Ursula the Sea Witch, my most favourite villainess ever!


Have a lovely weekend, everyone – keep your thoughts filthy, your lingerie silky and keep those shutters snapping. We’ll be back for Week 10 on Tuesday!


Violet xox

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