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His Muse

“To be a muse is to be a wonder in someone else’s eyes, flaws and all.”

LH Cosway

It is breathtaking to be named someone’s muse. It’s a significant title, one that can’t be taken lightly, but it’s also such a luxuriant title, so lush and complex. To be a muse is to be a source of inspiration; to inspire creativity and to motivate someone with your energy or beauty. It’s something that can’t be taken lightly but it’s is also inherently whimsical.
The romantic in me has always pined to be such an inspiration but I never expected it would be so soul-satisfying. It seems like something that would be superficially satisfying, an elite title, an abstract purpose, but in actuality it’s a role I can’t help but take very seriously. I listen more carefully, I ask more questions, I invest in his interests to help bring the best and most out of him. I challenge him, I respectfully share when I disagree, and I’m a cheerleader when he just needs blind faith. It’s an amazing feeling when he acknowledges our rapport and how I challenge him to think and create, how he’s evolved and learned so much already since imbuing me with that title and reaping the benefits of my dedication to it. We are a team within a team and Love and Freedom give way for Inspiration.  I love being his good girl, his Pumpkin, his muse.

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