It’s been a hard week. The kind where you just feel … off. I’ve not felt very sexy or in touch with my body and my new tripod/selfie stick has an absurdly steep learning curve, or maybe it’s just that it’s one of those weeks.

I’m keeping my head above water but I’m struggling to write, struggling to fully engage in most things. I know it will pass and I have a loving group of people on Team Violet.

So! Instead of spiralling with the frustration of snapping sexy pics for this week and being dismayed by the process or results, I’m sharing an oldie but a goodie. I feel remarkably good about this picture regardless of the dreaded thigh/belly combo. I felt while taking this picture this picture and I could do with savoring that feeling. I can’t seem to drum up that kind of confidence today. But maybe tomorrow.


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5 thoughts on “Maybe Tomorrow”

  1. I find those “off” weeks are almost worse than the really bad weeks. I’m glad you’ve got support around you. Beautiful picture. Your lingerie is lovely and your skin is so smooth I want to tickle you (consensually, of course!)

        1. I feel the same way. I hate being tickled but I LOVE tickling people who enjoy it and welcome it!

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