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Lingerie Is For Everyone – Week 6 Round Up by Lexy

Week 6 is a wrap!

Welcome back, lingerie lovers! This week’s round up is by Lexy, (@lexyexperiment on Twitter) and she has chosen some stunning images. I’ll leave you with them; it’s my bday and I have much languishing and cake baking to do!

Thank you to everyone who reads and participated each week, LiFE has already exceeded my expectations and that’s really all down to each of you!





I’m a huge fan of Violet’s Lingerie Is For Everyone. As she writes in the Rules, “if it’s an undergarment that you feel good in, that’s all you need”. Yes. The images are wonderful to look at and I think it’s a real bonus when someone muses about their lingerie too. I like to know the details and it made me smile that two people this week mentioned an urge to cut off the cute or fussy things on their lingerie – and then left them on!


It was difficult to narrow it down – week 6 had such a good selection yet a really fun task too, spending time with this week’s linkup. Happy Birthday Violet! Here are my top five:


My eyes went straight to Dream Catcher’s photo on Life of Elliott, Blue Dream. It’s saucy, sexy, full of life and the erotic. There are so many details to lose yourself in.


Nikki’s Self Love and Lingerie photos jumped out at me because of her smile and the expressiveness of her face – and that red bra! Then I began to read. “Sometimes self-care, for me, includes getting dolled up and taking some photos that make me feel sexy and human.” LOVE IT, that’s very relatable. Her post talks about depression and self-love, and I enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed her image.


Floss’ post Perhaps… starts with a quote about being “seen as we truly are.” For me, her three photos feel open, authentic, and intimate in a way that fits the quote so well. All while wearing a black garter belt that looks like it has some beautiful lace on the front and frills on the back, and in which she looks super sexy.


I’m quite a fan of Molly’s 100 word erotic story about flirting, By the time dinner was over (it’s so subtle, I love it) — and of her sexy panties photo which is worth 1,000 more words.


Walk the Walk / Talk the Talk by The Accidental Masturbator didn’t make into the linkup, though it was right on theme and used the badge. He wrote a really interesting discussion about wearing rubber lingerie that’s personal, thoughtful, and absolutely worth your time to read it.





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