It would be easy to say that the best part of Lingerie Is For Everyone is the pictures, and they are definitely stunning. I’m really enjoying seeing folks embrace a space to express themselves and acknowledge the everyday beauty of underthings and how they can feel representative of our selves and our sensual and sexual natures. I’m also really enjoying reading about what lingerie means for you, how you see it and how you see yourselves in it. Comfort was a topic this week that came up here and there in the posts. It really got me thinking about what it means to be comfortable in your own skin vs adorned in something pretty, and how sharing that comfort with a lover is different than experiencing it on your own or sharing it publicly as we do on LiFE. Thank you all for being so sharing of yourselves, whether you’re easily comfortable or pushing yourself to ‘put it all out there’.

It was a banner week on LiFE. Here are some highlights from Week 3:

As always, if you don’t have a blog to link up, never fear, I’m happy to make a Guest Post on your behalf as I did this week for 2 of our LiFE participants.

Also, next week/Week 4 is Valentine’s/Gal-entine’s/Pal-entine’s so let’s share some love! What lingerie do you LOVE wearing? is red your go to colour for passionate encounters? Is there a certain piece that you or your partner(s) especially LOVE? Let’s get lovey, my Lovelies. xx

Love, Violet


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