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Not Sexy

I’m not exactly sure where the stars are at or which planet is retrograding but the last couple weeks have been very vulnerable ones, making and losing connections, apologies, anxiety, a long goodbye, bliss.

I already shared a vulnerable post on blogging goals this week so I thought I’d continue the trend and share a decidedly unsexy, ragged old bra. I think all bra-wearers have that one bra that’s so old you don’t remember how long you’ve had it. You don’t know what size it is because the tag is just a ragged postage stamp of cloth that used to have words and numbers on it. No matter, it’s stretched out and missing underwires anyway but what it lacks in physical support it makes up with moral support. It’s the bra you wear on laundry day, the one you pull on over your head because the elastic has no snap left in it and who wants to deal with those tiny hooks and eyes anyway? Its not glamorous or pretty, but it’s comfortable and it asks nothing of you. Perfect for those days when you don’t have much left to give the world. It’s not sexy, but it’s certainly reliable.


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