Hello Lingerie Lovers,

I’m not done gushing and saying thank you to everyone who is reading the submissions and sending them in each week – thanks so much for enjoying this meme with me. It’s been wonderful to see and feel the enthusiasm and excitement.

I thought up LiFE because I feel so strongly about equality in pleasure. By that I mean, that if something brings you pleasure (Does it spark joy?!) you should have the right to access and enjoy that pleasure without harassment or judgment. Social conventions that presuppose the needs and limitations of people’s bodies and sexual or personal expression can fuck right off the deep end of the pier, if you ask me. All bodies are amazing feats of science and works of art, yours, mine, all of them. This weekly linkup is my small way of pushing back and saying no to the rules and assumptions that hurt people and deny them the sense of true self and agency that we all deserve. Furthermore, I want to remind myself and encourage others that revolution happens through resistance but also through acceptance. We must say no to what doesn’t serve us and say yes to what does. We need to say yes to each other – yes, that looks amazing! yes, I really relate to this article! yes, I see you and support you! yes, you matter! Lingerie is for everyone who wants to experience it, so slip into something more comfortable and feel good doing it!

For next week, Week 4 (opens 2/12): Since Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Palentine’s Day is in that week shall we go all out with something you LOVE or that says LOVE or makes you feel LOVEly? Not compulsory at all, but a fun twist if you’re looking for ideas!

Looking forward to your links!

Love, Violet xx

5 thoughts on “Lingerie Is For Everyone – Week 3”

  1. I’ll have to see what DreamCatcher has in store for you this week, Violet. I’ve run out of ‘lingerie’, haha, but I’ve been playing with a necktie if you and your readers are interested.

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