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Lingerie Is For Everyone – Week 2 Roundup

I’m not a gambler, not a betting woman, but it pleases me to say that if we were playing BlackJack, we’d have won this week with a whopping twenty one links, all stunning and with so many interesting thoughts and ideas behind the pictures. I’m so excited to continue to engage on fundamental topics like gender, body image, kink, etc. as they relate to our experiences with lingerie.

I’m almost regretting the “roundup” posts (not really! *cheeky wink*) because it is not easy to choose! It’s the best kind of problem to have: spoiled for choice. Here are the three posts that stood out to me or brought me back more than once to re-read and take in details:

Is Lingerie My Fetish? by Posy

Knickers by Miss Scarlet

Pearly Queen by Bee

Thank you everyone for reading and participating this week – can’t wait to see what Week 3 has in store. The linky thing will open at 10am MST on Tuesday. If you’re joining us for the first time, check out the guidelines and grab the badge here and remember to share with #LingerieIsForEveryone or #LiFE (Thanks, Posy for that cute and much shorter #).

See you Tuesday, you sexy beasts!

xo Violet

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  • Posy Churchgate

    Aww thank you Violet, Agreed judging is never easy but I’m delighted you picked my submission – and I’m enjoying your meme a lot! x

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