Part of the impetus to start Lingerie Is For Everyone was to remind myself that even though I can be quite cruel to my body in both word and deed, it is still beautiful and worthy and deserving of decoration. Lingerie is just that for me: a way to celebrate and decorate my body to enhance it’s natural qualities. I’ve always shied away from stockings because I have short, thick legs and I felt a million miles away from the gorgeous Bambi legs that you usually see in stockings. But you know what? Forget that! My legs look fabulous in fishnet! Case in point that lingerie is for everyone who wants to wear it! So looking forward to seeing more of what gets shared this week and taking the time to snap photos for the coming weeks.


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8 thoughts on “Fabulous in Fishnets”

  1. Fishnets trigger my science math neurons and when those get extra tired I’m 4x as horny as when I arrived.
    Lovely shot.

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