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Lingerie Is For Everyone – Thank you

You know that feeling when you have an idea and you’re pretty sure it’s a good one but you can’t really be sure, so you try it and it feels right and you just feel good? That’s been me since launching Week 1 of Lingerie Is For Everyone. The support and enthusiasm has been lovely and there are 12 beautiful, interesting and sexy links to peruse at your leisure.

I’m so happy with the turnout and I’d love to see even more people participating this coming week! Thank you everyone who shared the #lingerieisforeveryone and helped spread the word. I hope that LIFE continues to be a fun, positive space for sharing the pretty things that make us feel sexy and empowered.

The three links that made me linger (and return for another look):


Thank you again to everyone who participated, by linking up or by reading/watching. Please continue to share the word that lingerie is for everyone! The next linkup opens Tuesday, January 29.


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