Come to me, on slippered feet, chipped porcelain in hand; the saucer rings with delight as it’s lover, Cup, sits lightly in its lap.

Come to me, on dark winter days when your shadow darkens my doorway and I can hear the Raven on the lamppost, her mournful cry piercing the darkness as the cold air follows you in.

Come to me, on these hallowed floorboards where your love is honoured with your knuckles and knees, silent but for how your eyes beg, beg, beg.

A dark doorway looms behind a woman’s breast that peels in from the RH side of the frame

lip print logo and text "sinful sunday"

16 thoughts on “Darken My Doorway”

  1. I love how the selective focus draws the eye right to the nipple, and the way the skin tone contrasts with the blue background – such a simple shot but so complex at the same time.

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