The stockings are hung, the roast beast is acquired, the Grinching is slowly abating and the cocktails are flowing. It must be Christmas. It has been a big year here at VF Headquarters, lots of learning and sharing, a lot of writing and photos, much self discovery and some great connections with amazing people. I’m very grateful to you for reading, for commenting, for making it feel like what I create and share here has meaning beyond my own ego.

dildo with a santa hatThis time of year makes us reflective, looking back on the current year, looking forward to the new year. There have been some great ups and terrible downs in 2018, a year that so many people are deriding as a helluva challenging year, and it’s true: we live in hard and uncertain times. It can be hard to stay positive and focused on a blog like this because it can feel like a small contribution to the world, but it can also feel like empty nonsense. I started writing about sex and sexuality because it interests me, but I’m learning that this blog is less about sex and more about love. Love for the art of writing and taking photos, love for the sex/kink+ communities, and love, dare I say it, for myself and my body, my sexuality and my inner voice that slowly, quietly, has begun to speak my truth.

I’m looking forward to the new year, to a “fresh start”, to more writing and reading and learning how to best involve myself in this community. I have drafts upon drafts, simmering works in progress to chip away at once the hubbub of the holidays has passed and the proverbial eggnog fog has lifted.

Until then, thank you. Thank you for the support and encouragement, for the discourse and education, for the fun and silliness, for the words and thoughts and humanity we have shared this year. Thank you for indulging me here in my little corner of the internet universe; I hope that I can entertain and titillate you again in 2019. Please have a safe (physical and emotional) holiday, whatever or however you celebrate. Be kind to yourself and others, share compassion and food and ideas with care and love. Give what you can and allow yourself to receive the gifts, big and small, that others bestow on you in these last days of the year. More than anything I wish you all love and light and I thank you again, for a rigorous and authentic year.



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12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals”

  1. And thank you Violet for being wonderfully you and providing it with beautiful images and fabulous writing. Here is to a happy and productive 2019!


  2. Excellent image Violet and happy holidays to you too – has been fun rubbing shoulders with you along the roller coaster that was the smut marathon

  3. Thanks Violet – your thoughts are on point and I’ve been enjoying your stories A Lot! Merry christmas x

  4. Wishing you a very happy Christmas too. Thank you for sharing your writing and also for sharing your comments. I look forward to seeing more of you next year ❤️

  5. I did miss this. Thank you for reposting. I have so enjoyed meeting you over the interwebs. Your posts never fail to make me think and through them i feel I have connected to a person I would love to spend real time with.
    I am sending very best wishes for 2019 to you and your loved ones. May it bring you all you hope for ?

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