The wind howled around the corners of the cabin and the storm raged on. They arrived after nightfall, greeted by torrential rain falling through the heavy cedar forest. The cabin was rustic and remote, a perfect getaway for an uninhibited weekend. The drive though, had been a long tease. Luke’s hand on Paige’s thigh had started it all as they’d talked about the fun that was to come.

“I’m sort of glad the weather is gloomy,” Luke had said with a sly grin. “All the more reason to stay inside and fuck you senseless.”

To this Paige had laughed and pulled his hand up her thigh to the heat between her legs.

“Careful, or we’ll end up in the ditch.” He had grinned and given her warmth a prodding poke. “You should have worn a skirt.” Paige had lifted her hips and slid down her leggings and panties, pressing his fingers into the cleft of her vulva, making sure he felt the creamy wetness waiting there for him.

“Keep your eyes on the road, Daddy,” she had smirked.

Once inside, Paige looked around, checking out each room, and unpacking as Luke brought in their bags, the box of food and liquor, and the duffle bag of toys and gear intended to keep them occupied until Sunday afternoon. Paige turned down the bed and went about the usual preparations before playtime: low lighting, a carafe of water on the bedside table, Daddy’s favourite toys and ropes laid out neatly on the upholstered bench at the foot of the bed. She moved with a calm elegance as she performed the set up ritual but something pulled at her attention, an uneasiness crept in and she found herself staring out the window into the dark, wet forest, half expecting to see something or someone looking back at her.


Paige startled and snapped out of her thoughts.

“What are you looking at?” Luke entered the bedroom and stood behind her, his arms encircling her, fondling her stomach and breasts as he softly bit at her neck.

“I feel like we’re being watched,” Paige whispered.

“Mmm, kinky,” Luke’s hand tightened at her throat as the other yanked down her leggings, finding her wetter and hotter than she’d been on the drive. “Let’s show them what a good girl you are for Daddy.”

“Luke, have you noticed there are no curtains anywhere?”

“Baby,” Luke stopped pawing at her and turned her to look at him. “We are twenty miles from anything, we didn’t even pass another vehicle in the last hour before we got here. We don’t need curtains. If the squirrels and raccoons want to watch us fuck, let them. Now, the room looks great, but you’re overdressed and so am I. Just panties. Now.”

Paige smiled and tried not to look past him out the window as she stripped slowly for him, remaining in her pink panties, and got him out of his flannel button down. She sank to her knees and worked on the heavy belt and button fly of his jeans. He fed her his throbbing cock immediately, holding her tightly by the hair. His words were raunchy and they rained down on her with a lusty hiss, his shaft filling her throat and making her eyes well up with tears. From the corner of her blurry eyes she saw something move in the darkness outside the window. Unable to speak she moaned and pleaded on his cock as his palm cracked across her cheek.

“Look at me!” he growled. Her eyes locked on his and she told herself there was nothing to fear out there in the dark as she slurped and sucked him. Temporarily sated by her obedient mouth, Luke pulled Paige up and tossed her onto the bed. Delighted, she squirmed and spread her legs as he fastened her ankles and wrists to the four bed posts.  

“Since we’re at such a rustic retreat I thought that this was a good time to introduce you to something new, Babygirl, but you must stay still and not wiggle. Can you do that?”

Paige nodded, her lip bitten, eyes wide and dark in the amber glow of the bedside lamp. Luke produced a large hunting knife from a pocket of the duffle bag and held it up for her to see. It glinted malevolently in the low light as he pressed the tip firmly against her sternum and watched her eyes glaze over. He dragged the blade slowly under the curve of her breast and over each rib, down into the dish of her pelvis. Paige was mesmerized and gasped as Luke slid the blade under the fabric and sliced off her panties with one quick jerk of the blade.

“Open wide,” he whispered as he yanked the damp cotton from between her legs and stuffed the panties into her mouth. She breathed hard through her nose, her mind reeling at the taste and smell of her own arousal, at the way he had dispatched such an innocent piece of clothing so swiftly. He set the knife down on the bench at the end of the bed and she watched as his hands dug into her thighs and his face lowered between them. His mouth was hot and hungry and soon she was writhing, pushing more of her greedy pussy into her Daddy’s face. Eyes closed, moaning through her gag, she rode wave after wave of pleasure as he pushed her towards orgasm. Pulling against her bonds she opened her eyes to watch him eating her but was startled to see a man’s face outside the window, not ten feet away, standing in the shadows. She screamed into the wad of panties in her mouth, begging, but Luke took her sounds and thrashing to be the throws of passion. The rain soaked stranger stood still in the dark, watching her. His eyes moved from hers to the shining knife on the bench and back again, followed by one finger pressed to his lips in the universal sign for silence.

His threat was clear.

Paige swallowed hard and watched him watch her, helpless as Luke filled her with his fingers and drank deeply from her. She held the stranger’s stare as she recognized the familiar movement of his arm and the tense focus in his face. He was jerking his cock watching her be eaten out, strapped to the bed and gagged, a lethal weapon casually discarded between them. His gaze was frightening but it made something deep inside Paige lurch awake, an almost primordial response to the heady cocktail of sex and danger. Luke’s words from earlier rushed back to her and her fear gave way to a feverish desire to please and perform, to show this unexpected guest just how good she could be. She watched her voyeur and felt her body warming, her hips rolling, grinding against Luke’s face, her orgasm suddenly much nearer than before. Their eyes remained locked and as she grew closer to climax his arm moved faster and he nodded slowly, encouraging her as he brought himself up to the level she was at. Their eye contact was white hot, dangerous and consistent. Paige’s moans intensified as Luke worked her cunt forcefully, expertly, unaware that her sounds and movements were now focused on the pleasure of a stranger. Paige matched her stranger’s pace and when his eyes narrowed and his stern mouth formed the word “now” she arched and squeezed her eyes shut, flooding Luke’s face and chest as she came, her throat raw and burning as she screamed with pleasure into her wet gag.

When she opened her eyes, he was gone. Confused, she peered into the darkness but she and Luke were alone and he was grinning and undoing the ropes at her ankles and wrists.

“That was so hot, Babygirl. Time to ride Daddy’s cock and make him come.”

He pulled the wet panty rag from her mouth and laid down, pulling her to him.

Paige fought the urge to tell him about the man in the shadows, but held back, curious and still aroused, the hot prickle of fear making the hair on her neck buzz. Was he still out there? Would he come back? Her body throbbed as her mind spun.

“Daddy? I want to ride you the other way.” She kissed him and turned around, facing his feet as she slid down his cock, taking him to the hilt in one motion as Luke moaned and pulled her down by her hips. Outside, the storm carried on. Paige stared out the window into the darkness, filled with Luke’s cock, her fingers working her insatiable clit with one hand as she took up the knife with the other. She rode him hard, occupying Luke’s senses as she waited and watched for her mysterious stranger to return.

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