The Queen Bee is the second toy that Hot Octopuss has sent me and I continue to be impressed with them as a sex toy brand. Their products are sleek, understated (no “dildo pink” or “approachable vibrator purple” in their line) and beautifully made with awesome and innovative technology. As a brand I love and admire them, so it was sad when I finally gave up on the Queen Bee as a source of stimulation for orgasms.

Details and Experience

The Queen Bee arrived in style – a shiny box, not too much packaging, with a sexy satin storage bag to keep it in. It’s USB rechargeable and the charge chord is magnetic and it stays in place nicely for the 4 hour full charge it needs. As always, Hot Octopuss shipped it using a discreet plain package so there were no judgmental frowns at the post office.

queen bee vibe in hand with red nails, laptop keyboard in backgroundIt would be easy to mistake this simple design for a hair brush if it was just sitting on the bed or bedside table. It’s very unassuming with a subtle logo and simple, obvious buttons. I liked this about the Queen Bee; something about the understated build makes it seem expensive or luxurious, like the Rolls Royce of vibrators or something. Mine arrived with a partial charge, enough to turn it on and fiddle with the 6 patterns of vibration and enough to get a sense of how loud it is. I say this as someone who doesn’t cringe at the big plug-in style wands when they fire up and sound like a large appliance: for its size and design, this is a noisy toy.

Fast forward to trying it out …

My initial feelings on the noise level were hard to shake. I found the volume somewhat distracting. I’m also not a fan of pulse settings (I know, how dull) but I dutifully flicked through them using the “massage” side without the PulsePlate™. Settling back on the solid hum I experimented with the settings and found that for me, only the highest/strongest setting was pleasurable with the others being too weak, or rather, too evenly distributed to have much effect. The QB is rumbly and has a comfortable vibration but I needed more concentration of said vibration so I flipped it over to try the quick “tap” motion of the oscillating PulsePlate™; an oval pad of the same TPR plastic that the rest of the QB is made from. So there I was, at top speed, PulsePlate™ in place over my clitoral hood, and although it was comfortable and pleasant, much like the massage side, the PulsePlate™ was too broad of a vibration. Determined to make it work, I rearranged myself, trying to hook the PulsePlate™ under the apex of my labia, pulling back my clitoral hood for the most direct stimulation possible. After about 15 minutes I gave up and moved on to my favourite wand which finished me off in under 90 seconds. I have tried it several times since and still never been able to orgasm with it. One of my partners suggested that perhaps it’s just not the hero toy of the session and should be tried in conjunction with his hands and mouth. I will certainly take him up on that suggestion and amend this review if that combo means that the QB finally works at getting me all the way off.

Does this make the Queen Bee a crummy toy? I don’t think so. It’s well made and has a lot of pros, but if, like me, you need very specific and focused clit stimulation, this might not be your best bet. In our house it will make a great massager for necks and backs, and will come in handy as a “warm up” before other toys or techniques. Besides the lack of orgasms the biggest downside of the Queen Bee for me is that it’s made with a TPR coating, making it porous but still technically non toxic, which would be more of an issue if this was an insertable toy. I also continue to wonder why companies make toys with unnecessary grooves and divets to get filled with lube and body fluids. The massage side of the QB is covered in a repeated diamond pattern, each diamond is a tiny indentation just waiting to get dirty. Likewise the rubber gasket that seals the PulsePlate™ and allows it to move, is a finicky spot to clean, luckily water is no issue because it’s submersible.

Why You May Have Better Luck With the Queen Bee

  • No two bodies are made the same – what doesn’t work for one person may be perfect for another!
  • It’s powerful and that power is spread out over two surfaces so you can pick and choose and develop your own way to play
  • It’s full of features: the oscillating PulsePlate™, 6 vibration patterns, escalating intensity
  • It’s totally water proof and submersible so you can take it to the bath or shower

Bang for your buck

At £99/$125 USD the Queen Bee is not a minor investment, but I will say that the build quality, inventiveness and versatility make it worth the price tag. This is a quality toy, and don’t forget that with the massaging side and the PulsePlate™, it is almost two toys in one.

I think the Queen Bee is a great product despite it not being the bee’s knees for me. It is quite beloved by several friends and colleagues and I encourage you to read some of their honest reviews too:

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