See those panties he’s wearing? Ivory with lace, just barely enough material to conceal his cock, high-cut to flatter his thighs and stomach. I chose those panties for him. He wore them for me. It was one of Our Things.

man lowering his jeans to reveal he is wearing panties, ivory with lace
Image Credit: Kinky & Perky

He’d bought them, as directed. It was a fun task – he took me along by text and photos, each pair approved by Miss. If I recall correctly he feigned shopping for someone else, nervous smiles as the shop girl rung them up, no doubt aroused by the thrill of a secret purchase. He’d wear them every Monday – “Manties” Monday – I’d choose the panties of the week and he’d dutifully wear them, often sodden with his own pleasure, having wanked furiously for me, at my demand, before he left for work. I’d taunt him and tease him, my wet, messy cumslut. Filthy Boy in lacy knickers, sitting in his own cum on the train into London. What would the other morning commuters think if they knew? His squirming and obedient discomfort always pleased me. We joked that we should move Manties Monday to Thirsty Thursday because when he leaked panty pics the Ladies of Twitter (you know who you are!) would get so … twitterpated. Seems I’m not the only gal in town who appreciates the lacy look.

I love a man in panties. It’s not feminization or sissification that does it for me. It’s the contrast of a strong, clearly cis male body decorated with the smallest scraps of delicate lace. Men in lingerie are so hot to me, not because it creates an illusion of femininity, but because the contrast highlights their masculinity. From a FemDom perspective it’s extra sexy if panties are a bit humiliating, a dirty secret you can make them keep. In the case of these particular panties shown here, on this particular submissive man, there was no humiliation. He was always proud to wear them for me. Proud to follow my instructions and meet my needs, to the letter and that was hotter than anything. I see this picture and I immediately, think “Oh, my naughty, naughty Boy.”

But he’s not mine. Not anymore.

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8 thoughts on “Ivory with Lace and The Ache of Memory”

  1. I love men in panties for many reasons, but my number one reason has to be this … ‘Men in lingerie are so hot to me, not because it creates an illusion of femininity, but because the contrast highlights their masculinity.’ You articulated this thought so much better than I’ve ever managed to. A wonderful post x

  2. I like wearing panties…and what I like more..?.. when they are NOT referred to as girls or women’s…I bought them, I wear them they are mine and it doesn’t matter, male or female. Today stateside here it will be about 94f or 34c…all the satin, nylon and silk panties I have are as described in your article,but, today because it is so hot(the weather that is) I have chosen cotton as the material of choice. Cool, comfortable cotton. Wait though not just tighty whitey’s or plain Janes but lace trimmed, floral embossed, sexy blue cotton panties. So I am glad to hear some girls do like the look it gives a guy to see him in panties. The others ….well do enjoy what you like but keep an open mind that your likes are not the likes of everyone….!!

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