The wintry weather has come early and is falling, soft and downy, all around Chez Violet. It’s kept us home all day, which can only mean one thing … we had to keep warm somehow, and the pale northern sunlight streaming in was no help at all.

hand holding a penis from below
Lyrics from “Siberia” by Echo & the Bunnymen

Where am I
Still trying to find the light
That burns the northern sky
A rarer borealis

Born to be
Made of lights
On my knees
Snow bright
Yeah that’s me
Cold as ice
On my knees
Every night
Snow white


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10 thoughts on “Snow White”

  1. This is gorgeous. I love how you have blurred out some of the picture forcing our focus onto his cock and the testicles with that little bit of delicate hair. It really is both beautiful and hot


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