I was pleased to hear from Sophia from Butt Plug Experts – a brand I was unaware of until her friendly email arrived in my inbox. Upon scrolling through their website I was glad that their products range beyond their extensive DD/lg inventory since that’s not really my bag. They do, however, have some fun, if not lightweight/beginner restraints like the silicone handcuffs I recently reviewed and other BDSM focused gear.

Sophia was kind enough to send me two gags, a glass dildo and the aforementioned silicone handcuffs. Gags are something I’m new-ish to, despite the delight I take in all sorts of FemDom bondage and restraint. The truth is, I like to hear the sounds a playmate or lover makes. I like to talk and ask questions and be answered. Generally a muffled reply from behind a gag isn’t really what I’m going for but spending some time with the Black Dog Bit Gag has changed my mind.

black faux leather gag

The Black Dog Bit Gag is available in black, as you’d expect, but also in baby pink, which would be adorable if that was your aesthetic. One size fits all/most unless your skull is well above average this gag should fit perfectly. As gags go, this one is particularly comfortable because the bit (the part that you have in your mouth) is very soft and padded without being too challenging to manage. The straps are smooth and didn’t cause any undo wear on my captive’s cheeks and the buckle closure was snug and secure.

Why You’ll Love This Toy

  • A soft starter gag, no unnecessary pressure on your partner’s jaw or teeth
  • The secure buckle closure ups the intensity, especially if their hands are secured
  • Well made, well finished and comfortable to wear
  • Washable. I wouldn’t recommend submerging the gag in water because of the seams and internal stuffing, but it can be wiped down with toy cleaner or an antibacterial wipe
  • When worn, this gag gives a very classic look which is appealing. It would work well for pet play if you know a puppy or pony that you’d like to silence.


Consensual restraint play is fun and kinky but it’s important to stay safe. When playing with gags, ensure that you and your partner have a predetermined safe-word signal so that they can clearly and effectively communicate their needs during play.

Bang for your buck

This great gag is a bargain at $24.95. For that price it’s an inexpensive and low-key way to introduce consent-based restraint and other BDSM themes into your intimate play.

Overall rating

I’m a fan. This gag did everything I expected it to and was fun and easy to use. I’d definitely recommend it!



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